Tube & Boat Fishing

Curley's Trout Fishery


Curley’s Fly Fishery is a great venue to tube fish

Float tube fishing is fun, exciting and incredibly comfortable way to fly fish You can get to all those inaccessible places where the fish “think” they are secure.

The hi- tech flotation devices suspend an angler comfortably in the water allowing an extremely safe position to fish from. The tube is propelled by fins worn on the anglers feet, and it takes minimal effort to travel around a water in normal conditions.
Booking in advance is essential as numbers are limited.
so if you fancy having a go BOOK YOUR TUBE,

The tubes and life jackets are free of charge with the lesson and/or available to hire, subject to conditions – ask for details.
All float tubers must be booked in advance – Contact Us


Curley’s Fly Fishery offers fishing from a boat to explore the water and hunt out those fantastic trout. There are boats available for hire all supplied with oars. Boats can go out from 8.30am.
It is recommended that boats should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. For Bookings Contact Us