Tips and Tricks for Trout Fishing

Trout fishing is fun and has the potential of becoming one of the most enjoyable sports you can engage in with your family and friends. To make it more enjoyable, you should learn tricks and tips to ensure you get a big harvest.

Use a Light Line

When you are going trout fishing, you should not use a heavy line. A line that is between two and four pounds will get you more trout compared to a heavy one. The reel and rod should also be the right size to match the weight of the line.

Use Scented Bait

If the regulations of where you are fishing allow for scented bait, use them. This is because trouts have a sharp sense of smell and will be attracted to the scent. Make sure you ask for the fishing guidelines and whether they accept scented bait.

Use Bright Colours

Trout are known for their good eyesight so it would help if you use bright colours to lure the trout to the bait. Keep shaking the line because trout also react to motion.

Keep Moving

If you have been in one spot and the fish are not taking the bait, move to another place. You can even get a small boat or a kayak to enable you to move easily. The trick is to move around the lake or pond where you are fishing and discover places where there is plenty of fish.

Discover the Trout Path

Trouts have a habit of congregating at the edges or current of the water body. You should put your sneak on mountain streams and use a depth finder and polarised glasses to spot your potential catch.

Be Discreet

Due to the many predators that move around water bodies, trout have developed a habit of hiding whenever they sense movement. You have to move stealthily not to disturb them.